Learn more about endurance

There are opportunities throughout the year to get education on everything endurance, from the basics to the most advanced tactics.

Finding a horse

A good horse can be hard to find but it is never impossible. I will help highlight resources for buying, leasing or swapping horses to get you to your endurance goals.

How to

What is your goal and what are you willing to do to achieve it? Do you want to finish a 25 mile ride? Is your dream to do Tevis? Have you always wanted to compete in another country? Maybe you're just looking to have fun when you're at a ride. I'd like to help get you there.

Romeo's view

Sharing with you through my experiences

I think the greatest lessons can be taught through our experiences. I enjoy sharing my adventures and hope they help shape your goals too or a least entertain your imagination.

Riding in other countries

I am currently looking for a horse to ride in the Florac 100 mile ride in France. Please contact me if you have a lead.

Colombia 2013

Help me out

Please contact me if you have information about finding good horses for riding in other areas outside of the Western United States.