Scratches, abscesses and sleep deprivation

Life presents plenty of challenges. I didn’t make out the door until 10am on Friday when I was aiming for 8am. Furthermore, last week as I mapped out my 2019 ride calendar, I had to adjust the schedule while one horse deals with what I hope is merely a hoof abscess. The abundance of rain contributes to a myriad of issues beyond the occasional bacterial infection in a horses foot. It probably also played a significant role in another horse having scratches, the crusty skin condition also known as pastern dermatitis. I find myself constantly trying to work on one horse or another which leaves little time for myself. Because I chose to ride two days at Cuyama I that was moved to Laurel Mountain in Inyokern, I spent nine hours driving home Sunday night. I arrived at home slight before 5:30am, put horses away, fed and then moved my truck out of the way. I finally went to sleep at 6am and was awakened an hour later so I could get to work. I am notably sleep- deprived today but am headed home now to treat the horse with Scratches. It’s not the way I planned to spend my birthday but I’m happy these are the problems I face. Nothing too severe.

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