Biltmore, Sutter Buttes and High Desert

I haven't had time to write up anything about my trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. I'll say this, the experience was every bit worth the effort and cost. I rode on Friday 5/3/19 on a horse nicknamed Romeo for his first 50 miler. We were 22nd out of 42 finishers and 57 starters. The entire estate is gorgeous. I crewed for friends, new and old, on Saturday but just as the down pour of heavy warm rain began, I was due to get to the airport.

Getting to jump from one ride to another is the most enjoyable experience, but when you're all packed and invested in the next ride you have to be prepared to change plans.

My next ride was supposed to be Sutter Buttes. I am really bummed that it was cancelled for the second time. Some circumstances are out of our control and a death in the family of the land owners is one of those things. I hope the ride manager can find a way to make this work one day because it sounds like an awesome territory to explore for the first time. Since so many of us were all set to go to the ride, we just packed up and went to Dru Barner park in Georgetown, CA for a relaxing weekend of horse camping. Gaston was my victim and we did about 18 miles successfully.

Now I need to focus on getting to the High Desert Ride which will be its 30th anniversary. I was highly motivated by a preview of the buckle for 50 mile finishers. I'm going to do my usual work til' 5pm, bomb it home to get the horse, and arrive at base camp late. Thank God for good horses that let me pull off the fly-by-night lifestyle. Rex is coming off a top ten finish at American River where he was ridden by a friend, and then I'm going to need him for the Ride & Tie in June.

Always looking ahead...where's my calendar?!

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