Recovering from Racing

While the terms "racing" and "endurance" have had a disagreeable history, the difference is not only the act, but also the philosophy. Whether we race for first place or against the clock, there is always something to compete against. From a Honda Racing video titled "Failure: The Secret to Success," I'll never forget Danica Patrick say, "You're constantly on the verge of crashing because that's the fastest". However, in a sport where we take the responsibility for the welfare of our partner, crashing is not viewed as an option, and therefore racing becomes a debatable venture.  Well, I did some racing last year (2018) and...



Most of the time, we're out there to explore, enjoy and endure the trail. Good friends help make long days go by seamlessly; Good horses make long days into memorable experiences!



In reality, the vast majority of an endurance rider's time may often be spent enjoying the trail while conditioning their horses. It's more than just an excuse to get out of the house; we have work to do. We are regularly getting our horses in shape for the next big ride. But honestly, riding outside of competition doesn't disappoint one bit because we have just as much fun doing our homework as we do taking the test. With a month left until Tevis, I've started Rex on a little boot camp training program.

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Every horse & every trail is unique

Just like every horse has its own character, strengths and challenges, every day on the trail affords a new and varied set of experiences to enjoy. If you take the time to look at the world around you in new ways, you will find that even the most routine path can be presented in a fresh light.

To realize personal growth within the sport of endurance it is important to find new trails, make new friends, and to learn how other regions put on events. While traveling around, I have come to realize that there is no one right way to put on an endurance ride.

I am fortunate to have four interesting horses going down the trail right now. Every one of them is so different from the next and when I condition on the same trails I never have to worry that my experience will be routine.


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Whenever a new story comes to being I'll do my best to share it. You can follow along from the barn to the open road and along the trail until it's time to head back home.